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Cheap Treadmills Under 100, 200 & 300 Dollars


Finding a cheap treadmill for sale under 100 dollars is no easy feat, but it is possible. When searching for treadmills under 100 dollars, it’s important to remember that finding used treadmills for sale under $100 is much easier than finding new treadmills. Used treadmills for this price might also be hardier than a new treadmill for the same price. To get the most bang out of your buck, it’s important to come up with a shopping strategy for your budget.

Remember to begin your search for a reasonably priced discount treadmill with some common sense. Finding a treadmill that is reasonably priced will likely mean that you will not find a motorized treadmill. Expect treadmills, new or used, in this price range to be bare-bones. When shopping for any piece of equipment, it’s important to write down some of the features that you want to see in your future treadmill. Write down everything possible that comes to your mind when it comes to your ideal treadmill – from manual or motorized, to whether or not it has a built in cup holder. Try to match as much of your list to your treadmills available when shopping around.

Hunt For Cheap Treadmills Online

If possible, shop around on other sites. Ebay, Craigslist, and even searching for finds on Google stores might yield great results. For your best bet, though, will provide fair and impartial reporting on everything from the merchant to the merchandise. At the very least, use Amazon as a base for shopping research.

Although some treadmills that are used are sold on for under $100, finding a new one didn’t yield such results. The closest result that was new and near $100 was the Stamina InMotion Manual Treadmill, which had a price tag starting at $105. The used treadmill that was lowest price was the Weslo Cardiostride Manual Treadmill, with a price of $70 when bought used. If you are looking for a treadmill under $100, look under manual treadmills, which are generally the most inexpensive treadmills available.

Finding Treadmills Under 200 Dollars

Doubling your spending limit gives you a lot more options. At $200, you can have a choice between manual and motorized treadmills. The Deluxe Foldable Manual Treadmill Machine by Sunny Fitness is a high-quality manual treadmill available under $200 for a new machine. The Easy Up Manual Treadmill, recipient of many high marks, is also available at a reasonable price of $140 for a new machine.

For the customer who is searching for a motorized treadmill under $200, things get difficult. The Merit Fitness 715T Plus Motorized Treadmill is available for purchase for about $170 (used), and has a decent score. Considering the massive price cut between new and used motorized treadmills, this treadmill is a bargain that few would deny. For those who are curious about the original price, it’s over $300. When looking for a motorized treadmill under $200, remember that it may take a lot of patience, and a lot of searching before you find a quality treadmill that fits your needs. While finding motorized treadmills for such a price is rare, it still does happen.

If possible, try to message private owners who want to sell their treadmills online and attempt to negotiate a bargain. When it comes to bargain hunting on Amazon, or similar sites, some imagination and some diplomacy might be in order. It’s also important to take into account the shipping cost of a treadmill. At a whopping 130-plus pounds, shipping may be the issue that causes your wallet to hurt instead of the actual treadmill price.

Good, Cheap Treadmills Under $300

If you’re a sports enthusiast who is in good shape, but doesn’t want to spend too much on a decent treadmill, setting your budget to $300 is a smart move. $300 is enough to allow you options in both motorized and manual treadmills, and also will give you more extras to choose from. This budget will allow you to buy most manual treadmills, new or used.

Aside from the manual treadmills already mentioned, another excellent possibility for an inexpensive manual treadmill under $300 is the Stamina InMotion T3000 model manual treadmill. With a super-high rating of four stars, this reliable treadmill has proven itself to be a steal under $300. New models are even available for under $200, making this one of the best budget-friendly manual treadmills you can find.

For customers looking for a new motorized treadmill in this price range, the Confidence Power Plus Motorized Treadmill is available new from $250. Used motorized treadmills are easier to find, and often will be better bargains. Depending on which retailer is selling on Amazon, you can easily save up to $100 on a treadmill, simply because it has been pre-owned.